Six-Figure Corporate Careers for Earth-Friendly People
Six-Figure Corporate Career Coach Sarah Moore

Hi, I’m Sarah, a life and career coach for women who want it all.

As long as “all” means:

  • A six-figure job
  • An organized, well run home
  • Time with family
  • An environmentally friendly life

Has 2021 been your rock bottom year?

2004 was mine. I felt my world spin out of control. I was a single mom to two children living in a foreign country, working full-time, climbing the corporate ladder only to get knocked off with a layoff.

  • My house was in chaos, never tidy.
  • Mealtimes were always a stress fest, too often involving nuggets or pizza.
  • My health failing me with pinched nerves in my back and neck, asthma, reflux, and PTSD.
  • My career would climb to a certain point before tumbling back a step or two, never reaching the height I knew I was capable of.

I was the world’s worst mom and employee. At least that’s the way I felt.

As I sat at the end of 2004 with my kids ringing in the New Year, I decided that year was going to be the worst because everything afterward was going to be better.

I became a voracious reader. Took online courses and followed every guru I could to get the answers. It took me ten years to finally free myself of the struggle.

I’ve been where you are. During my time in the corporate world, I passed up promotion opportunities and twice ducked out completely to take care of everything at home because I felt I couldn’t do both work and home. Even though I was the go-to person at work for getting things organized and running smoothly, it felt there still wasn’t enough of me to go around.

I was climbing higher towards working at a strategic level at work while staying stuck in the weeds at home.

Being in the weeds anywhere was exhausting and not the most productive use of my time. When I adopted a strategic mindset both at work and home I found the brain space, energy, and time to move my career further, get my home in order, spend time and energy on my children, AND work on becoming the best me I could by healing all my past trauma (still working on that part every day).