Six Figure Careers for Earth-friendly People

What if you could get control of your time and money so you can invest in yourself?

We all have so many stories, so much drama, and so much self-worth wrapped around our use of time and money.

I don’t have the time and I can’t afford it are two of the biggest lies we tell ourselves all the time. They may be true in the moment but they aren’t set in stone. They ARE impacted by the things we tell ourselves and the stories we have created or inherited along the way.

Getting control of your time and money is about so much more than budgeting and time management. That’s why time management classes and new planners haven’t worked so far.

What I have discovered on my journey to getting my personal life organized is that getting a handle on both of these things is the gateway to stop living paycheck to paycheck on a great big hamster wheel.

Living with intention around time and money is the doorway to freedom.

You don’t have to jump in all at once take baby steps daily or weekly towards living with more awareness about yourself your past your family your work your community and your planet.

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